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[HOT NOW] Mysterious Explosion Of Falcon 9 Has SpaceX Speculating On 'Technology Monopoly Theories' & Possible Sabotage! [VIDEO]


The mysterious explosion of Falcon 9 has SpaceX speculating on "Technology Monopoly Theories" and possible industrial sabotage. While investigations are being scheduled by SpaceX, footages holding the actual events that took place before the said explosion that has kept Falcon 9 ablaze since September are still being recovered.

Without a doubt, all rumors about the sabotaged explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket point to ULA (United Launch Alliance) as the main culprit. For a few reasons, the ULA seems to hold potential motives.

Hence, an unsolicited report by an industry employee further heated up the controversy. The employee reported to have witnessed a suspicious activity on the roof of the nearby building materialized by an "odd shadow and then a white spot". The roof was allegedly from that of ULA's, a competitor industry, Science Alert reported.

It is also very worthy to note that the feud involving ULA and Elon Musk's space was about to deepen when SpaceX employee requested access on one of ULA buildings in its facilities at Cape Canaveral, Florida and was apparently denied. Suddenly, rumors crept towards finger-pointing ULA as the main culprit of the said sabotage, Washington Post reported.

Of course, these heated speculations on "technology monopoly theories" would not have spread like wildfire, if SpaceX's rocket wasn't set in fire in the first place. The devastation of the mysterious explosion has curtailed the intended testing process on Labor Day weekend.

By all means, the long-heated engagement between SpaceX and ULA only serves as an initial lead on the investigation. Nevertheless, credit for the truth may not yet be due as investigation processes take months to be completed.

Only then, when the right evidences are raised can a formal hearing be scheduled. Meanwhile, all these information are still branded as rumors and theories.

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