Holocaust Movie 'Denial' Gets A Solid Review From Critics: Lipstadt, Academic Source Of Material Is Celebrated Too! [WATCH TRAILER]


Tightly-written Holocaust drama movie entitled "Denial" gets solid review from critics. Nevertheless, the academic nature of the movie, due to its academic source of material and central character, Lipstadt also earns due credits.

"Brisk, efficient and dry..."- Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

"A lean, literate, and emotionally devastating film.."- Andrea Chase, Killer Movie Reviews

While much of these gentle murmurings put the movie alight, harsh-mouthing from equally top critics also fin in the view.

For a reason, these are what made the reviews for the tightly-written yet lean holocaust drama movie "Denial" solid. After all, it has a very literate and academic environment from beginning to end. Not all viewers may grow accustomed to it. But what elevates the whole dramatic scenery is Academy-Award winner Rachel Weisz' honest, fair but powerful portrayal of the main character and source of material, academic Deborah e. Lipstadt.

As the full critic consensus would go, "If 'Denial' doesn't quite do its incredible story complete justice, it comes close enough to offer a satisfying, impactful drama -- and another powerful performance from Rachel Weisz", Rotten Tomatoes stated.

But besides the artistic quality of the movie as per delivery by actress Weisz, many, especially academics, find the movie satisfying and worth celebrating. For a reason, the movie's highly academic environment (debates after debates, forum over another forum) seems to succeed in opening a truth not most academics find conventional. Thus, there is no denying that American academic Deborah Lipstadt's book, "History on Trial: My Day in Court With a Holocaust Denier" obviously gets all credits here.

"Denial" periodically plays like a standard issue drama with bits of punctuations through two kinds of denial by Weisz' character- the expected and the unexpected denial, Turan said through Los Angeles Times in the Crescent-News.

"We have much to do, especially at this moment when the last witnesses to the Holocaust are nearing the end of their lives, in making sure that the history is accurately communicated to future generations", American academic Prof. Deborah Lipstadt said in Beliefnet.

"Denial" reenacts the struggles Deborah Lipstadt (Award-winner Weisz) had to go through in pursuing the truth about the holocaust denied outright by David Irving (Cannes Award winner Timothy Spall). In this tightly-written drama, both strong characters set the court ablaze with academic disputes and a legal battle that will forever leave a mark in Emory, lest America for that matter.

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