'Pokemon Go' News and Updates: Creators To Face Class-Action Lawsuit; 'Pokemon Go' Ruins Theme Park[VIDEO]

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A Detroit couple filed a class action lawsuit against the creator of "Pokemon Go," Niantic Labs. According to the couple, the augmented reality game is ruining a local public park.

A couple from St. Clair Shores, Detroit, Scott and Jayme Dodich, filed a lawsuit against Niantic Labs on Tuesday, August 16, as its app "Pokemon Go" triggers people to go to the private properties, thus, made some residences irritated, according to Detroit Free Press. In a filed suit, the couple sued developer Niantic, Nintendo, along its partners "The Pokemon Company: in California federal court, and the couple to stop Niantic from putting virtual monsters, "Pokemon" on or near private properties, unless they asked the owners to give them blessing.

The Dodiches included in their lawsuit that they are fed up with "Pokemon Go" players walking on their lawn, players looking into their windows, and there's a case some players swore them. The couple lives across the street from Wahby Park, which was reported a "Pokemon Go" gym. There are seven PokeStops in the nearby area, according to Game Stop.

"Hundreds" of people come by on any given day," wrote on the lawsuit. The couple also mentioned in their lawsuit that they feel safe anymore as many players hang out to their lawns, look in vehicles, and they even trample landscaping.

"Pokemon Go" had reached 30 million downloads. Niantic confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the app has been downloaded close to 100 million times. The publication also reported that the "Pokemon Go" Chief Executive, John Hanke, dreams to produce video games played on contact lenses.

St. Clair Shores Police Lt. Jason Allen said the police responded to the complaints about "Pokemon Go" players. According to Allen, most reports they have received are related to illegal parking due to trespassing, and being in the park after hours.

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