Researchers Unveil Mysteries of Cancer Cells Hiding Under An “Invisibility Cloak”

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

The curious case of cancer cells being able to stay inside the body without necessarily being detected by the immune system because of an "invisibility cloak", has been further explicated by a new research.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) said that the case has something to do with the end of the ability of cancer cell to produce protein.

The results of the study have been published in a journal called Scientific Reports that provides clues on possible answers to stop the spread of the seemingly invisible malignant cancer cells, which occur without necessarily detected by the body's immune system, Daily Mail UK reported.

The UBC research says that some cancers, especially metastatic tumors, have a chance to hide. A number of studies are focused on making a solution and an approach to mediate the severity of the disease.

Researchers also explained that cancer cells conventionally evolve and acquire the ability to produce protein called interleukein-33 or IL-33.


As soon as the production of IL-33 stops, the immune system also stops in recognizing whether there is a presence of cancer cells. In this case, the spread of the tumors becomes speedy which is known as the process of metastasizing.

Researchers have learned that when there is an epithelial carcinomas, the loss of IL-33 happens. And this is where indications for cancer starts to show up on the surface tissue of organs such as the breast, the kidney, the cervix and the likes, UBC reported.

The research has a positive tone with regards to the IL-33 and its relation with the unidentified tumors to be reversible. That is, when the body is refilled with IL-33, it can possibly retain its ability to recognize tumors. But this research requires intensive testing to confirm the validity of this methodology in the human condition.

On the meantime, cancer therapy is moving to greater heights. According to Tech Times, a study about cancer treatment states chemotherapy are soon going to be replaced by ultraviolet rays in stopping the spread of cancer throughout the body. 


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