'Daredevil Season 3' Features The Return Of Kingpin [VIDEO]


"Daredevil" and its third season may return on your TV screens, featuring once again the character of Kingpin. Vincent D' Onofrio, the actor playing the role of the character, shared a few clues on his return to the series in some recent interviews.

Last week, the actor was in Toronto to promote his newest film "The Magnificent Seven". In there, he shortly shared his return playing the role of Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin in the third season of "Daredevil", Christian Today reported.

The actor explained that his contract with the series doesn't include the succeeding seasons. But he shared further that he is more than willing to get back to the show should the story call for it.

D'Onofrio made an assurance that he would really get back to the popular Netflix series if there is a need to do so. He says that he would "certainly" want to go if the story makers a as well as the networks request him to. He further announced that if Jeff Loeb, big boss of Marvel Television asks him to and especially when the story is promising, according to

However, D'Onofio intentionally did not dig into much details about the story of Kingpin in the Season 3 of "Daredevil". Will he remain as the giant leader of the prison? Season 2 shared clues that the glory days of his character might actually come to an end.

As far as memory is concerned, Kingpin ended up behind bars as the characters of Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson put him in jail in the first season. Supposedly, this would mark the end of his control in the Hell's Kitchen. But he still managed regain control provided that he has the funds. He further controls his other inmates inside the cell.

In the second season however, the story revealed bits and pieces of clues of him spiraling down because of the lack of funds. Vincent D'Onofrio is certain where the character of Kingpin is going to be, but he declines to spoil it. 


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