BioShock Fanatic Designed 'Vigor Bottle' and 2K Community Turns it to Reality


One avid fan of BioShock has recently designed a true-to-life version of the Vigor Bottle that is currently creating a barrage of stir in social media platforms. Ernesto Moreno, the man behind the design of the "Parasite" Vigor Bottle, created the spider-looking top placed in the bottle after people from BioShock-under the cloak of the fictional company Fink Manufacturing- crowdsourced fans and supporters to recreate their own version of the Vigor Bottle in the month of August.

The folks of BioShock were flooded with tons and tons of design ideas and versions of the Vigors as fans send their thoughts over Facebook and Twitter. Some fans elaborated and shared their thoughts about how to design the Vigor bottle, others really created a version of their own and sent some pictures. Moreno's bottle was one of the bottles that really captured their attention.

The "Parasite" design of Moreno's bottle showcases a bottle that was biting its fangs over the top of the bottle, filling it with red "blood".

2K Community has really paid attention to the design passed by Moreno and their resident sculptor under the name of Jason Babler decided to realize the design template, making it tangible and in life. The bottles are announced on the 2K blog.

The team reached Moreno and asked him about additional details that wraps his idea. But they did not share to him that Babbler was actually working in making a real version of the "Parasite".

The process of building the "Parasite" was not an easy task for Babler as he talks about using different materials such as brown clay, Magic Sculpt epoxy and armature wire just to make a real deal out of the design.

On Sept. 26, BioShock's official Twitter account tweeted that they have successfully made a real version of Moreno's winning idea into becoming a tangible bottle. 


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