'Agents of SHIELD' Latest Episode: A New Captain America in Possible? [VIDEO]


The latest episode of "Agents of SHIELD" has introduced the character of Jason O'Mara and up until now, details of his character has remained hidden and a mystery for all of its viewers. However, it has been hinted that the character of the actor could be traced back in the history of Marvel I the 1940s.

The new director of the series named Phil Coulson is the genius behind the very significant history and backstory in the comics into the series. The character of the actor is blatantly called "Jeffrey" in the latest episode and subtitles have revealed that his last name is "Mace". Marvel is obviously planning to reveal his true identity in the future episodes, however, it is clear that he's named Jeffrey Mace also known as the Patriot in the comics. And once he was known as well as Captain America!

His initial appearance could be traced back in The Human Torch #4 in the year 1941, back in year when the Marvel Comics was dubbed as Timely Comics. Under the name of Patriot, this particular character also popped up in a number of issues in the Marvel Mystery Comics, but he never gained popularity just like the characters oh his time such as the Torch and Prince Namor, IGN reported.

A few decades later, the character resurfaced in the popular Kree-Skrull War story in The "Avengers" in 1972 and then in The Invaders as well five years later. That book retconned the backstory of Cap, Namor as well as Torch (as well as their sidekicks) as teammates who fought together in World War II, and on the other side, the character of Patriot was launched to have been a part of the Liberty Legion, together with the characters of Whizzer and Miss America, IB Times reported.

But the really interesting part about Jeffrey Mace/Patriot came when it was revealed in another retcon that he at one point served as Captain America while Steve Rogers was on ice after the war. What had happened was when Rogers was revived from suspended animation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Avengers #4 in 1964, the writer-artist duo were in fact reinventing Cap's history. When the character was actually in publication during and after World War II, there was no storyline involving him getting frozen.

He came home from the war -- with Bucky even! But as superhero comics became less popular in the intervening years, so did Cap. There were attempts to keep the character relevant into the 1950s, where he fought no-good Commies and the like, but ultimately Steve Rogers faded away...

But with Marvel's continuity being so important, it must've bugged the writers and artists following Cap's return in 1964 that there were all these weird and random stories about him that took place after he was supposedly frozen. And so it was eventually explained that other guys secretly took over the mantle of Captain America while Steve Rogers was missing. That included the former Patriot, Jeffrey Mace, for a spell.


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