‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy System: The Latest News For Buddy Pokemon, Specific Distances For Evolution Revealed


"Pokemon Go" buddy system was initially discovered while going through the game's code, later became an update and was previously announced by developer Niantic Labs. Through the buddy system, the players are allowed to choose a buddy Pokemon and collect candy while walking with the chosen Pokemon, aside from rare in-game rewards and experiences.

As the buddy Pokemon is set to be included in the game's version 1.7.0 for iOS and  0.37.0 for Android, there are a few things about the new features that future Pokemon masters must learn. Although players may select any of their Pokemon as their buddy, it is best to choose one that benefits from the candy that will be collected, BGR reported.

A buddy Pokemon must be one that the player looks forward to power up or evolve or even a rare Pokemon that were captured several times, yet, were not seen again, since the buddy system's candy that was collected for these Pokemon will help them to be stronger.

Collecting candy alongside a buddy Pokemon is the same as how the players hatch eggs, which is through walking while the game on the phone is open. It is also important to note that Pokémon have different required distances that players have to walk prior to collecting a candy, with a common Pokémon that needs shorter distances as well as unique Pokémon that needs longer distances.

Meanwhile, some "Pokemon Go" fanatics have figured out the distance a player has to walk in order to collect a candy with every buddy Pokemon, multiplying it by the number of pieced required for evolution. Based on this, to evolve a Charmander into a Charizard, the player must walk 230 miles; 390 miles for evolving a Dratini into a Dragonite and; 30 miles for evolving a Zubat into a Golbat.

"Pokemon Go" buddy system is expected to be just a minor artistic change for most players, considering the number of distances they have to walk in the game, The Guardian reported.



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