Hideo Kojima Slams 'Metal Gear Survive' Zombies, Game Development; Gameplay Demo Vid Gets 22, 856 Dislikes, Fans Agree?


"Metal Gear" game original creator Hideo Kojima emphasized that the game deals with political fiction as well as espionage, and with that, he immediately points out that he does not agree with the kind of direction the series is taking. Given the nature of the game, Kojima believes that zombies do not fit in it.

Also, Konami was reported to upload a 15-minute gameplay demo of the "Metal Gear Survive," which was shown during the recent Tokyo Game Show. According to reports, the video was able to receive 1,437 likes while it had 22,856 dislikes. There are speculations that this is likely an indication that the fans who have been playing the series for a long time are very displeased with the new game, Trusted Reviews reported.

"Metal Gear Survive" development has nothing to do with the legendary Kojima. According to the popular Japanese video game developer, he had no part in the making of the game, and that he also questions the direction of the series.

The "Metal Gear" series creator Kojima, attended the Tokyo Game Show held a week ago to discuss details about his upcoming IP "Death Stranding." Based on reports, there are a number of gaming enthusiasts who want to know his thoughts about the upcoming installment of Konami's first "Metal Gear" game since he left the company a year ago.

"Metal Gear Survive" game features include zombies, in which Kojima was quick and clear to answer the question if he had a part in the creation of the game. Kojima reportedly replied,"It has nothing to do with me!'"

Meanwhile, those who were able to watch the gameplay demo, and were hoping to hear everything in English may have just been granted their wish. According to reports, Konami has just released the game demo's English version, which includes a narrator to give everyone a detailed account of the things every player may do in the new Survive, PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

Watch "Metal Gear Survive" gameplay demo here:

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