Blizzard Drops; Name; ‘Heroes of The Storm’ Expansion Promised, eSports Pushed Harder For 2017?

By is now the new name for the online gaming service of Blizzard Entertainment, which used to be called Based on an update on the website of "World of Warcraft," only the name will be changed, as the core technology of its former name will remain.

The former Blizzard's online service has been around for a long time with the original version serving almost 20 years since it was launched. The name, however, has brought confusion as well as inefficiencies according to Blizzard. This may be due to the fact that it has not easily conveyed itself as the online service of the company.

Blizzard's focus since the start was reportedly on introducing the service and how it worked, including the emergence of a descriptive and unique name. But Blizzard has seemed to figure out that there is no need to have a differently named online service in order to assist in facilitating the people's understanding about the concept of online gaming. Based on reports, the modern normalization of the online gaming has contributed much to the company's awakening.

Blizzard promises to offer relevant updates while in the process. However, the company also took note of the fact that the change will not occur all at once, and that they will be launching over the next few months, IGN reported.

Meanwhile, Blizzard is reportedly planning to invest in its arena battler in order to grow a game into becoming a viable eSport. The "Heroes of the Storm's" Global Championship league is expected to expand in 2017 as the publisher finds ways to stabilize the competitive scene for its multiplayer online battle arena, such as the segment-leading League of Legends, which features an all-star cast of characters.

Blizzard also reveals creating a uniform format for the leagues in Europe, South Korea, North America and China, which guarantees compensations and the regular matches for pros and top eight team, Venture Beat. reported. Watch "The Machines of War - Heroes of the Storm" gameplay here:

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