Imagine Taylor Swift Going To High School If She Had The Chance


Some celebrities have the luxury to do what they want to do. But for some, such luxuries and want to reach their dreams also come with sacrifices. For one thing, a celebrity like Taylor Swift had to give up the chance to go to a traditional high school in order to pursue her career.

You may remember her going to a prom with a fan at some point. She even played dress up and everything. But she never got to experience the complete high school life for real. But that does not mean she never got her education. In fact, Taylor Swift was home schooled for her junior and senior years. She was consistently on the road. And during her spare time, she studied. In fact, she competed two years of her studies in just one year flat. She ended on a 4.0 grade point average. And that is in between song-writing and concerts.

Which is why Yahoo wonders what their lockers might look like if they went to school at all.

The popular singer and song-writer is now 26 years old. But imagine if she were in her junior and senior high years. Before she became famous, what would her high school life be like? Taylor Swift explains that she went to a public school in eastern Pennsylvania. She recalls how it was like, saying that she was bullied for her interest in country music.

So you might be wondering how she survived high school bullying? She remembers sitting in class and thinking that the bullies can "say anything they wanted about me, because after school I was going to go home and write a song about it."

If she were to decorate her locker, it would have the "squad life" poster as a reminder to Swift that even though she's been bullied in the past, she's now super popular and successful.

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