'Overwatch' Receives A High Bandwidth Update For Players With Slow Connection Issues


Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch" is getting a bandwidth upgrade to dwindle down the frustrations that players are feeling because of losing to lag.

Gamers most often encounter scenarios where a split-second could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Most often, even if you are a skilled gamer, that split-second will almost always be out of your control when "Lag" is involved.

Lag is every online gamer's gripe in every losing scenario, bringing forth frustration and dismay, thus ruins the gameplay experience for everyone.

According to Tech Times, it seems like developer Blizzard Entertainment can sympathize with its loyal customers, as they have released an update for their popular team play driven PC game, "Overwatch" that features a much higher bandwidth that allows gamers the enjoyment of undisrupted gaming.

Overwatch's lead designer, Tim Ford took to YouTube and explained how the patch works. Ford assures gamers that the control response will be much better with update, as the servers can react to it in a much faster manner.

Blizzard's update to Overwatch also improves how the game classifies players, and groups players with the same internet connection quality with each other. This move is supposed to create a smooth and stable gaming experience.

Bandwidth problems have pretty much become the main issue for those that have been playing Overwatch since it was launched back in May this year. When June rolled in, players have notice an increase in lag as the game has become more popular, and low server tick rates are what players often blame for latency issues which lead to graphics bugs and glitches.

PC Gamer reports Overwatch's custom mode is where the high-bandwidth effect from the most recent patch can be first experienced. The custom game option allows gamers to participate in matches that ran at 60Hz. Now, this feature is already active across every part of the game and all of its game modes, increasing the tick rate from 21 x per second to 60 x per second.

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