The Massive Kindergarten-Academic Transition: Overwhelming For Kids, Parents Say! [VIDEO]


Parents of kindergarten kids who are now entering the first stages of academic learning admitted to have been shocked by the hard-bound standardized tests, school-works, etc. offered by the post-kindergarten departments. The massive kindergarten-academic transition can be overwhelming for kids, parents say.

The modern-day schooling is something new for the kids. However, not all academic experts would subscribe to such claim only made by the limited observation of the parents. Experts conceded to transitional degree as the main point being repeatedly raised by parents in many occasions, the Washington Post reported.

The truth of the matter is that transitions are never really meant to be easy. Hence, it is called transition. But, if one looks closely into it, there is a greater power at work in kindergarten transitions to pre-academic. These actually prepare the kids and open them up for empowerment.

Despite the academic experts' rebuttal, parents are still unconvinced and are worried for their kids that they might drained out from the very strenuous academic preparations.

Meanwhile, countering the parents' protests are the tutorial and summer programs facilitated by specific transition teachers. These kinds of programs slowly introduce kids to the schools' environment such that it may no longer have to be significantly foreign to them, OPB reported.

According to surveys published from 1998 to 2010, the transition on kindergarten to academic was honestly massive and drastic for a short period of time. Thus, parents were right to feel worried.

But apparently, they may no longer have to worry that far since tutorials and summer programs always come in handy for the kids.

With sufficient support from academics and parents, the transition to academic measures among kids may no longer have to be that strenuous and overwhelming. After all, the sudden shift to academic fields- mathematics and science is all but intended for the child's empowerment and well-being. By all means, playing and hands on are still ensured by modern-day schooling facilitators.

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