[TRENDING] ADHD Medications Are Potential Performance-Enhancing Drugs, Students Claim; Academics Call For Investigation! [VIDEO]


Students adhere to ADHD medications as potential performance-enhancing drugs or steroids while academics call for further medical investigation. April Rovero, executive director of the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse in turn, recollect on the magnanimity of such debate- is it safe for students or not- and the answers all point to the action, but not the drug per se.

In response to recent issues about a number of teen students in America claiming that ADHD medications are potential performance-enhancing drugs or steroids, representatives of the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse and other academic experts call in for a thorough medical investigation, the State Press reported.

Right after a group of teen students in the country admitted to have indulged amphetamines like "Adderall" and "Vyvanese" over the purpose of finishing schoolwork, parents and academics were naturally shocked. But surprisingly, in the midst of the alarming information, some experts see the light of the issue, the New York Times reported.

Since the students solidified their acts by further claiming that the meds enabled them to have razor-sharp focus and the ability to pull all-nighters without distraction when taken by those who do not have the disorder, there has to be an undeniable sense of benefit the drug provides, Huffington Post reported.

To add fuel to the undying flames of drug use debates, the "Adderall class 2 controlled substance" just gained the title of being the new Red Bull for teens. Meaning, it has been recently found out that it's very addictive.

Hence, April Rovero assured parents and academics that the drug's contents are not downright harmful and are now being systematically controlled by various drug departments in the country. With a sharp wit- Rovera reiterates the usual catch of the drug use debate- drug abuse is dangerous, not the drug itself.

Indeed, the students' claim that ADHD meds are potential performance-enhancing drugs or steroids is no doubt correct. However, the discipline and control over its use is an entirely different matter at hand.

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