Dance Workshops At University Of Cambridge: Best Strategy In Raising Interest Among Disadvantaged UK Pupils To Academic? [VIDEO]


The Cambridge History for Schools is one of the many glorious partnerships between academics and other schools in the UK that mainly intends to expose pupils to academic research. To the delight of the teachers, pupils were invited to dance workshops at the University, guided by the vision of raising interest among disadvantaged UK pupils to academic.

At the moment, various pupils from schools in the UK are enjoying the "Tudor Dance Workshop". Coming up this October are events "Dance Like a King" and "Dance Like a Peasant". These workshops allow pupils to try on a "farthingale", plus other 16th century costumes, explore the characteristic of the period by anatomizing the logic of the dance in their most basic comprehensions, the Guardian reported.

For many years, such outreach by the Cambridge University has not had failed academics and teachers alike. Ultimately, the project slingshots both ways so that it also challenges researchers in making their research palpable to tender-aged audiences. By doing so, they in turn spark up the pupils' interest to the academic and the necessary research processes it entails.

There are visible evidences showing tutoring and mentoring as one of the programs that proved most successful in aiding early childhood development and shaping their goals to the academic. However, a s much as there are loud evidences being reported, there is still need to collect key results upon which initiative exactly worked, the Sutton Trust stated.

Apparently, the outreach programs developed in the US and UK has never really gone out of the feasibility line. And for that very reason, academic experts are urging a solid partnership between OFFA and universities across sectors.

There are a lot of promises being offered by the outreach programs, particularly Cambridge University History for Schools. For sure, there is something very theatrical about this such that strong signs of disadvantaged yet interested academic prospects lining up in the platform in the future.

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