Celebrity And Activist, Shakira Calls On Academics All Over The World To Act On Education! [VIDEO]


Latin Singer/songwriter and celebrity Shakira calls on academics all over the world to act on education in her new video with the label #LearningGeneration. But it isn't just the small-scale education domain that she is pointing out here- what she had brimming in her video are not a few issues related to the global funding on education.

Owner of the Pies Descalzos Foundation in Colombia, Shakira completes a solid list of Nobel laureates and other celebrated philanthropists under the United Nations Commission. It has since been her vision to behold a grand future for her younger peers, especially in her country through education.

In her latest video, Shakira's call for a globally-funded education video message resonates across investors to even students mainly. Her message speaks about the younger generation's high potential in surpassing our achievements given the condition that they are handed the right and sufficient tools, Billboard stated.

Shakira is an all-known Latina pop star who rose to fame with her earthly and grounded image. Even at a tender, Shakira had since displayed her tendencies of being a philanthropist. The main purpose of her video, which she claims to be a personal business from her end, is to attract investors all over the world to throw in essential funds needed in making education a global matter, Vibe reported.

But the pop star was not alone in doing so for the wagon she just hopped in to, has had been driven by world leaders and UNICEF representatives over time. The biggest vision of the project highlights the tripling of the investment in education to $3 trillion dollars per year by 2030. And with this at hand, the full imminent slogan of "no child gets left behind" gets to be finally realized, Vibe again reported.

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