Latest Banana Incident In American University Ignited Students To Protest! [VIDEO]


An incident in American University ignited students for a rally. Despite the university administrators' and academic's early response to the complaint, a number of protesters went unhindered in crying out, condemning racist acts in all areas in the country.

Perhaps the most plausible fire-starter for the shenanigan according to reports was the latest complaint filed by an African-American student following a "banana incident". The banana incident entailed an event last September 8 wherein a female student was thrown a banana and at a separate occasion, had a rotten banana placed outside her door, USA Today College reported.

Administrators and academics had since responded to the complaint and had charged the culprits accordingly in order to prevent like incidents from happening in the future. However, this never stopped a surge of concerned students to assemble outside the university and organize especialy after the harrasment got in the pages of the student paper called the "Eagle".

Thus, not less than a hundred people, including students and alumni from the said university gathered to protest in the university campus to remind administrators and academics about the urgency of such issue despite the administrators' initiatives of organizing two separate town meetings.

"Staff have been working tirelessly and directly with students since last week, providing outreach and support, including a town hall meeting last Friday", Neil Kerwin, president of the American University Community declared in his Memorandum dated September 19, 2016.

He continues, "The first incident was investigated and those involved in the misconduct have been held accountable through the student conduct process. The second is under investigation and a statement released to residents last week specifically calls for anyone with more information to contact Public Safety", AU posted.

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