Google Nexus Phone 2016 Newest Image Leaks! Pixel, Pixel XL ‘Made by Google’ Coming Real Soon – How to Get Notified?


Pixel and Pixel XL are coming real soon! Google just released a short video of what's believed to introduce the two Nexus Phones.

Google Nexus Phone 2016: A Video 'Made by Google' teases the Pixel and Pixel XL launch?

Google just launched a Twitter campaign with a hashtag #MadeByGoogle. The tech titan also released a short commercial that shows a search engine box that transformed into the shape of a smartphone. It is placed between "Oct 4" on the left side and the "G" logo on the right side. There is no further detail but judging from the morph, the viewers quickly assume it as Google Nexus Phone 2016, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Many reports have also talked about October 4 event, even before the video leak appears all over the web. Viewers can also get notified when the launch happens by registering their email address at MadeByGoogle.

The 30-second video seems to 'confirm' the rumors about the next Nexus phones which are said to be 'very Google', University Herald reported.

Google Nexus Phone 2016: Pixel and Pixel XL photos leaked

The latest leak of Google Nexus phone is the image of Pixel and Pixel XL side by side. It shows a larger smartphone, which is believed to be Pixel XL. And the smaller phone believed to be Pixel.

Both Nexus devices are in white color sporting a similar front layout as reported by Android Police. Judging from the image, there is nothing more to reveal but they seem to look slim. The fans should be able to see the real things on October 4.

Will the Android fans see a totally different mobile device? We'll find out soon!

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