'Resident Evil 7' Pre-Order DLC Items Are Revealed In 'Discshop' Images [VIDEO]


Recently images of a DLC pack for the highly-anticipated game, "Resident Evil 7" has spread online. The image of the DLC pack is said to be leaked by from a Swedish retailer called, "Discshop."

According to a report by GameRant, with the announcement of Resident Evil 7, a pre-order bonus DLC was supposed to come with the game. The DLC unlocks the hardest difficulty setting immediately, and also grant gamers an item pack.

There are four different item packs showcased on the Resident Evil 7 page of Discshop's site. The different packs are the Handgun Set, Chem Fluid Set, Burner Set, and Recovery Set. There are some extras that come with each set, like the Recovery Set including classic Resident Evil herbs, and ammo that are included in the Handgun Set.

In addition, the Chem Fluid Set seems to come a a healing type item, and the Burner Set could go hand-in-hand with the flamethrower that was shown in the ESRB's game rating.

Each of the sets have an image of coins with varying sizes, and could possibly indicate that the game transactions will be done using multiple currencies. But the currency system is still vague as there has not yet been any confirmation that Resident Evil 7 will use a currency system, or if the coins will be utilized in the in-game puzzles.

Back in June, Trusted Review, ran an article that showcased how Resident Evil 7 is going back to the survival horror game genre, after fan complaints regarding the previous Resident Evil games slowly becoming an action driven game, while lessening the horror elements that franchise has been well-known for.

2016 marks the "20th anniversary" of the "Capcom" survival horror franchise, and it would seem that fans can appreciate thet this year would also mark the return of Resident Evil to its roots.

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