iOS 10 Jailbreak Pangu: Counting Days to Release Date; No Sign of Liberating iOS 9.3.5?


Will we see iOS 10 jailbreak or new version of iOS 9.3 jailbreak soon?

Pangu previously showed off an exploit of iOS 10 beta and Apple just rolled out the official iOS 10. This could mean that the team is now actively working to liberate the iOS 10.

iOS 10 already rolled out - what to expect from Pangu jailbreaker?

Once the iOS 10 is dropped, the attention goes to the primary jailbreaking team, Pangu. Judging from the previous jailbreaking tools that Pangu has been rolling out, the team seems to be the only legit hacker that could drop the real iOS 10 jailbreak soon.

As of this moment, there would be many fake iOS 10 jailbreak downloads, including iOS 10 jailbreak demos that are not released to public by the hackers. Take note of Luca Todesco who has demonstrated the iOS 10 beta 8 jailbreak but never intent to release it, University Herald wrote.

Pangu was also the one who released jailbreaking tools for iOS 9.3.4 before Apple rolled out iOS 9.3.5 update which has made the jailbreak useless, HNGN reported. It can be argued that the team may no longer work on any software to break the restriction in iOS 9 and focus on the iOS 10 jailbreak instead.


iOS 10 jailbreak Pangu released soon?

Pangu could already be working on the iOS 10 jailbreak since they confidently showed off the vulnerabilities in iOS 10 beta 1 at MOSEC - a few weeks after the beta OS version released by Apple. It was quite dramatic to see a demo, Cydia running on an iOS device that's already been jailbroken, on its pre-release.

The iOS 9 was jailbroken by Pangu in less than a month and now that the iOS 10 is officially released, Pangu should be able to work on the official version. Hence, the Chinese team might roll out the newest jailbreak in matter of weeks from now with possible release in early October.

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