'Pokemon GO' on Apple Watch is Not Exclusive - More Affordable Wearable to Come as Companion!

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Apple just announced the "Pokemon GO" arrival on Apple Watch. However, Niantic CEO seems to indicate that it is not the only smartwatch to support "Pokemon GO".

"Pokemon GO" is likely to come to Android Wearable

Apple Watch with its built-in GPS is the perfect device to be used as "Pokemon GO" companion but it seems that it won't be the only smartwatch to offer such support.

When asked specifically about whether the AR game would come to Android Wear, John Hanke's answer was 'pretty likely'. According to the CEO, Apple Watch is a great tool to make Pokemon GO - a 'real world' game.

It can be argued that Android Wear is cheaper than the Apple Watch. And for budget-concern consumers, Android Wear is a great buy with the many options available in the market, Wearable reported.

And with the Android Wear support for "Pokemon GO", it is hoped to attract more consumers and particularly, the Pokemon obsessed.

"Pokemon GO" and "Super Mario Run" on Android

Apple introduced the Apple Watch series 2 on September 7 alongside iPhone 7. It is in fact, one of the huge surprises that people did not see coming. For Android Wear, the system works the same as in Apple Watch. It will be connected via Bluetooth to the device when catching Pokemons, Trusted Reviews reported. Furthermore, the website also noted that the code implementation for Android Wear is ready to launch.

In addition to that, Apple also revealed that Super Mario Run will come to iOS. However, it won't be long till Android users will be able to play the game in their devices.

Niantic also released "Pokemon GO" Plus - a wearable device sold at $35 to catch Pocket monsters without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Since its first release, "Pokemon GO" game has taken the world by storm. The game phenomenon has 'infected' people around the globe as it has been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

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