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[TRENDING] Latest 'Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2' Filled With Exciting Features To The Brim: 'Rux' Is Highlight! [VIDEO]


Get a hold of the latest "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2" enhanced version! Fans were exulted by the revamp- exciting new features, new game modes, and weekly events and the "Rux" as highlight were introduced by Jeremy Vanhoozer, the game's creative figure during the Electronic Arts E3 press conference at LA sports arena in June, 2015. Now, the wait has long been due!

There is no single game in the PopCap franchise that can equal the commodities offered by the "Plants vs. Zombies". It has proven its worth through the years as it ruled in the mobile gaming industry. Now, it's set to rejuvenate its forms even more, after having announced the release earlier this week, GameNGuide reported.

Beta testing has begun in the game. Early reviews from solid "Plants vs. Zombies" fanatics reveal that the latest game version expands its horizon by adding a few elements like solo content and a host of fresh and exciting characters. What is most interesting, according to testers is the designers' conservation of the general flavor or PVE formula of the game. It's like revamping with a style, as evidenced by the still colorful presence of the funny characters, settings and style, Mobipicker stated.

But the ultimate deal of this new game version yet is the free content update called the "Trial of Gnomus" where the gnomes in the garden are the central theme. Subscribed best with the Cats vs. Dinos game mode, players are now setting mobile app portals to open setting in case similar game mode cracks might get across.

Now, this new game mode does not go solo, for the flamboyantly dressed vendor "Rux" the deal breaker joins in the fun. The "Rux" character figure is the cross-point of all these totally revised and enhanced elements, the Reporter Times reported.

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