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[TRENDING NOW] Crazily Smart Features Of The Smart Home Technology! [VIDEO]


The Smart Home Technology would never earn such title if not because of its crazily smart features. The Smart Home Technology upgrades with fresh trends at most every year.

Innovations in home technology seem to update each day. Obviously, the need for better and more convenient lifestyles in the home are what drives the engineers to innovate.

Very interestingly, in a recent survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, there are at most 1,250 U.S. adults that believe that home tech is primary consideration in buying a home. Furthermore, the sample percentages narrow down into specific groups.

The first group covering 44% of the total respondents are interested with built-in and home-ready tech update. The rest of the 57 and 71 % respondents are interested with the more practical offerings by the home tech wherein they may no longer have to buy a new home but instead just have their older homes updated, Curbed reported.

Smart features stand a top in any homebuyer's list. The latter centuries overtly show realty agents and designers how head over heels in love are homeowners with the crazily smart features of the smart home technology, Daily Herald reported.

For the benefit of the smart home tech fans, here is a confluence listing of best and crazily smart features of smart home technology trending this year, KTAR News reported:

1. Touchless Toilets.  The Kohler Cimaron Touchless is an all new home technology that lets homeowners flush the toilet without touching any buttons. Enhancements might still be expected along the way, while the Kohler company designers make sure all knots and bolts are aptly fit.

2. No-Touch Kitchen Faucets. There might be some glitches with this high-tech sensor-detected faucets, but in due time, it will end up to be an absolute charm.

3. Wi-Fi Connected Refrigerator. The GE is now eyeing out for the best kitchen device to be included in its priority list. Besides the Wi-Fi advantage, the feature gives an on-time notification on the conditions of the refrigerator.

4. Smart Ovens. The all-new GE monogram allows homeowners to set oven temperature away from home. So, one could already fantasize about mobile cooking.

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