University In Kabul Rises From Attack: American Academics Show Support! [VIDEO]


American University in Kabul is once again on its feet, rising from the horrors of the attack. Academics in America show their support and promise to stand beside the university representatives in rebuilding the university.

The latest attack on American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday horrified the world with 13 recorded deaths including 7 students and a professor. As expected, American academics immediately sympathized for the victims and showed support to the university's undeterred academic visions.

Mark English, president of the university is on edge over finding the right to words to console and inspire the university to rise up back again from the ashes. While the university website is yet to release a statement due tomorrow, the university president, including the representatives remain absolute over the university's main cause of providing quality higher education to Afghan students, Times Higher Education reported.

"AUAF is dedicated to its educational mission in service to Afghanistan and has no intention of giving into terror", supporting academics and friends of the American University in Afghanistan stated in NBC News.

Other non-profit organizations are head-butting against odds in ensuring that the university continues missions advanced by university president. As a result, some divisions in the university have started reopening today, NBC News reported.

Adding weight to university president's reactions in Wednesday is his constant referral to the attack as a "huge blow", from which he also recalls how the university has produced quite a number of academically-prepare graduates in the country. English ties up his statement by confirming that no American victims were recorded- a most comforting claim from the least consoling series of negative events, NPR reported.

More academic supporters from various non-profit organizations flood in on the university's board meet-ups each day to hand whatever they can in rebuilding a once-majestic institution.

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