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The University Of Chicago Promises Tight Academic Programs To Freshmen! [VIDEO]


The University of Chicago revisits its syllabi and other academic programs despite potential drawbacks from its incoming students due to overwhelming letter and reiterates its promise of tight academic programs this year. Fairly enough, incoming freshmen were ensured that academic freedom is unmoved from the university's core.

The university warns students that it does not support "trigger warnings" in its programs. Apparently, comfort zones are far off from the campus vicinities. Overwhelming as it sounds, the University even pushes further, after having revisited its syllabi and program guidelines throughout the years, promising freshmen even more challenging academic programs this year.

Upon the release of its letter, many were urged to react alongside the overwhelmed incoming freshmen. John Ellison, Dean of Students, cored in his letter the university's commitment to academic freedom. By all means, its board of research and information is not inclined with shying away from controversial subjects as these are sine qua non to profound national awareness, Inside Higher Ed reported.

The concerns of the university, as always, evolve dramatically. This is all because the concerns of the nation expand by each turn of the century. What used to be specific visions of rearing students into becoming empowered individuals have now disintegrated into cultural and political foresights.

For quite a while, these concerns have been in the line among universities in the country. But for the first time in American academic history, one university stands out with its strong promotions of academic freedom. Later predictions by academic experts reveal more complex and empowered 2020 graduates ready to lead the world in evolutionary extents, Snopes reported.

As the newly released letter by the UCLA sends chills among freshmen's spines, it also never misses the netizens as one heating comment burns another one and another. Cyndi B in her Twitter post says, "@ChicagoMaroon the college considers trauma-based mental illness "discomfort?" fascinating. tell me more...actually, please don't". As expected, a long line of Twitter relentlessly criticizes UCLA,  Business Insider reported. 

As a consequence of what UCLA's "trigger warning" letter release, violent mob reactions are nevertheless expected.

But as the university would put, heated debates and controversies are essential actions for learning and un-learning. Perhaps, the university might have already set its own fire by such action.

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