'Mass Effect Andromeda' Release Update: Three-Minute Trailer Confirms Spoiler Tweets Of Human Journey In Alien Tech-World; No More Renegade Morality System! [VIDEO]


"Mass Effect Andromeda" trailer showcased the main character's journey into a world filled with alien technology. The three minute footage revealed the rumored concept of humans being treated as aliens in a new world.

Aside from the new trailer, two tweets from the official "Mass Effect Andromeda" Twitter account reportedly hinted the release details of the said game. Shortly after the pre-alpha trailer debuted, its Twitter account revealed that on N7-Day, they will show a new trailer and officially open the doors to the next chapter of the "Mass Effect" universe. This made fans believe that Nov. 7 is the big day for the "Mass Effect Andromeda" reveal, PC Gamer reported.

After the said tweet, fans asked the"Mass Effect Andromeda" game's Twitter account on what would be revealed on N7-Day. The account then tweeted to expect a deep level of customization. While the tweets do not seem to give concrete details about the release of "Mass Effect Andromeda," fans speculate that they will be getting a deeper customization experience in the new game.

BioWare has previously admitted that "Mass Effect Andromeda" will be veering away from the paragon or renegade morality system in the game. They also revealed that they will release a slick new jetpack for fans to play around with. Because of this, the new game is expected to be quite different from the previous "Mass Effect" games.

"Mass Effect Andromeda" speculations have emerged ever since it was announced as an indirect sequel to the original "Mass Effect" series. It has already been revealed that the game's storyline will be unconnected to the ending of "Mass Effect 3" and will focus on human characters trying to survive in a far off Andromeda galaxy where they will be treated as an alien presence, VG247 reported.

"Mass Effect Andromeda" is slated to release in the first quarter of 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Watch "Mass Effect Andromeda" official 4K video here.

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