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'No Man's Sky' Patch 1.07: Update Fixes PS4 Glitches; Xbox One Issues [UNTOUCHED] Still Coming?


"No Man's Sky" previous reports and updates are currently surrounded by a lot of negative issues. There are claims that suggest about the game's specs and features not meeting the expectations, which eventually earned criticism from the gaming fans.

In addition, there are also numerous reports about the approval of the new update for PS4, which implies that the Xbox One platform is failing to keep pace. While it is yet to be confirmed if Xbox One platform will, indeed, not be getting the update for "No Man's Sky", concerns regarding this are expected to rise, Playstation Lifestyle reported.

According to some reports, the new "No Man's Sky" 1.07 update is expected to be released for the PS4 platforms. Based on this, it seems that the update has been developed to address the problems and issues that have confused the game's general specs and gameplay. It was also mentioned that the Hello Games and its creator Sean Murray plan to strengthen the legacy of "No Man's Sky." Some speculate that this is the reason for the update's goal of ending the flaws that are found in the game.

In addition, the issues that confront the game give way to the idea that a number of gamers are now asking for a refund for the game. However, there is also no confirmation if this has actually created a big issue for the game and the creators.

Nevertheless, "No Man's Sky" remains distinct and a one of a kind game, in spite of the negative issues. The game's creators and developers continue to work hard in searching for ways to resolve the problems of patches and glitches, including the dead spaces.

For now, "No Man's Sky" is yet to show how it would keep up in the world of gaming. On the rumors that surround the game, Hello Games and Sean Murray have not said any word about it yet, Parent Herald reported. Watch the "No Man's Sky" Patch 1.07 details here.

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