'Pokemon Go 2' Gameplay, Release News: Eevee Evolutions Umbreon, Espeon For 25 Candies; 'Harry Potter GO' 'Destiny Pokemon Go' Trailers Faux


"Pokemon Go" is all set for a change with imminent release of the "Pokemon Go 2" game. The latest game adds new characters like Umbreon with top CP of 1938 and Espeon with a maximum CP of 1911. Both of them will evolve from Eevee for 25 candies. Blissey a rare Pokemon will also enter the game as an evolution of Chansey with a max CP of 921, for 50 candies.

"Pokemon Go 2" will also include Porygon2 with top CP of 2290 from Porygon for 50 candies; for the same cost, Scizor evolves from Scyther and Steelix top CP of 1754 from Onix, Kingdra's max CP of 2300 from Horsea costs 100 candies same as Crobat's top CP of 1997 from Zubat. "Pokemon Go" also features a new buddy system that will let players choose a buddy to go on the journey with, winning Candy at the same time, Game Rant reported.

"Pokemon GO" was expected to take the gaming world over by a storm since the game was released. Despite rumors that the game has lost a third of its player community, "Pokemon GO" is still reportedly a game changer, Sony's CEO said.

"Pokemon Go" may be used in creating new types of games, Niantic CEO, John Hanke revealed in a recent interview. The company's strategy has always been building a platform underneath a game to be used in other games, John Hanke added.

Meanwhile, a "Harry Potter" version of "Pokemon GO" was rumored to be in the works, which had been debunked by the company, E! Online reported. However, faux trailers for "Harry Potter GO" and "Destiny Pokemon Go" remain online.

"Pokemon GO" has always been a part of the company's long-term vision with several projects in its early stages to be built on top of the game, Hanke said. It may also be good to create games that will motivate people to get out, exercise, see the world, and have healthy interactions with fellow human beings. Meanwhile, watch the new Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" GEN 2 here:

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