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'Pokemon Go' Mystic Gyms: Notice Blue Mystic Gyms Freezing And Crashing? Here's Why!


Niantic's augmented reality game has taken the mobile gaming realm by storm as more and more gamers continue to jump on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon. Brace yourselves! Despite its skyrocketing popularity, the mobile sensation has not been spared from flaws.

"Pokemon Go" trainers have been reporting gym-specific problems for a long time. Apparently, some Mystic-controlled gyms are staying under Mystic control continually as no one can even step inside the gym to fight.

Here's what you need to know!

As soon as a "Pokemon Go" trainer tries to enter blue gyms, the app crashes. Also, when a player touches the arena, either the "Pokemon Go" app freezes or the gym starts to load; while the arena flashes white or blue before eventually freezing.

This means, in some places when a player from Team Mystic gloms on to a Pokemon gym, they will be able to retain it indefinitely until the developer takes care of the bug behind the problem. If you're trying to figure out the cause of the problem, rumors are rife that the problem lies within the app and not the phone hardware.

In other words, if you notice a Mystic-controlled gym that retains the same prestige, controlled by the same creature for a really long time, chances are it may be affected by the bug.

That being said, gamers should bear in mind that the bug has not affected every Mystic controlled gym. One Redditor even claimed that he noted the glitch at the Pokemon gym located at TimeSquare.

Another Redditor known as MidnightAeval claimed that the Pokemon gym nearest to him had the same three blue players for 4 days, despite the fact that it usually changes teams every 20 minutes. Also, he realized that the gym prestige had not budged from 6000/8000.

Every time the player tried to attack the gym, an error message popped up, but he was not the only one experiencing this. Other players had similar experiences with Mystic gyms being completely impassable and staying on the same level and prestige for quite a long time.

Meanwhile Redditor Spyderslayre reported that the bug made an appearance as soon as he defeated the last creature in a blue gym.

The Pokemon gym was nothing more than an empty arena where the player could move around but could neither leave the gym nor could he do anything else.

The only way out if the game freezes while you are still in a Mystic gym? Restart your "Pokemon Go" app.

In other news, "Pokemon Go" Plus is expected to hit the store shelves next week. The device can either be worn on your wrist or as a pin.

As far as Pokemon Go Plus price is concerned, various reports indicate that it will be up for grabs with a price tag of $34.99. Pokemon Go Plus is reportedly compatible with both, the iOS as well as the Android versions of the game. The device is designed to allow users to play "Pokemon Go" without having to take their phones out.

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