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'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks To Skip The Egg Hatching Animation; But Does It Work On The Evolution Scene As Well?


When playing the hit augmented-reality mobile game, "Pokemon Go," there are several activities to be executed like exploring the real world in a bid to locate PokeStops, Gyms, capturing wild Pokemon, boosting your Pokemon with Candy and stardust, calculating damage, IV and CP, figuring out which Pokemon to challenge gym defenders and then there's a great deal of walking in order to hatch eggs.

When an egg hatches while catching Pokemon, it just pops out on your screen getting in the way of an ongoing activity. This consumes a few precious seconds especially when you are trying to capture that coveted Abra with a flee rate of 99%.

Fret not! A Redditor named UppyGSY has shared a tip about how to skip that counterproductive scene. Skipping the animation is surprisingly simple, and here's how it works.

As soon as the "Oh?" message appears, just pinch inwards as if you were zooming out on a map on your phone. This will cancel the animation for that particular egg. And that's it!

No doubt, the egg animation is very cute and it adds to the excitement as you wait with bated breath to find out what comes out of the egg; however, for some "Pokemon Go" players who are unable to capture rare Pokemon, this isn't really cute or an all-important part of the game either.

Drawbacks To This Trick; Is This Legal?

Zealous "Pokemon Go" gamers, rejoice! This is 100% legal and you won't get banned by Niantic for using this trick; however, this trick isn't sparred of flaws and there's one tiny drawback. Using this trick, you will not be able to figure out what Pokemon spawned out of the egg right away, instead you will have to check your journal and see the recent egg hatch results, BGR reported.

But Does This Work On The Evolution Scene As Well?

Regrettably, no. Pinching your screen during the evolution scene does absolutely nothing. But that should hardly matter as evolution animations do not get in the way of what you're currently doing as you're evolving the Pokemon by yourself. Nevertheless, it would be great if developers could add an option to skip these animations in near future.

Try this trick and let us know if it worked or not in the comment section below and stay tune for more amazing "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats, hacks and news.

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