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'Pokemon Go' Nests: Niantic Gearing Up To Rotate Rare Nest Locations? Here's What You Need To Know!


Despite rumor mills hinting that the "Pokemon Go" craze is fading out, more and more gamers are joining the Pokemon capturing spree as Niantic continues to make the game more challenging for trainers.

The ultimate goal for trainers is to complete the Pokedex and dominate as many gyms as possible. While achieving this target was never an easy task, especially when it comes to rare Pokemon, it looks like Niantic is set to make things a bit more challenging for avid "Pokemon Go" gamers. If rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, the developer is gearing up to start a rotation on rare Pokemon nests regularly until the end of the month. If that's true, trainers will have to be more patient while hunting rares.

Apparently, nests are not similar to the random, typical spawns that happen in the game. Nests can be described as locations where a large amount of the same Pokemon will spawn on a regular basis. That being said, if a player bumps into a Pidgey while walking down a street, it doesn't imply that a Pidgey nest is nearby. This is because "Pokemon Go" randomly drops Pokemon around the world, and a few avid gamers have even succeeded in hazarding a guess about what will show up, iDigitalTimes reported.

Just last month, the hit augmented-reality mobile game came under fire from zealous gamers who were disappointed to find that major Dratini nests, for instance, suddenly transformed into Eevee spawns instead.

Several nests that were usually inhabited by some very rare Pokemon have moved or "migrated" to a different location, as Niantic felt catching these coveted species was far too easy for the gamers.

If rumors proved to be true and the developer starts moving the rare Pokemon nests on a regular basis, trainers are in for some new challenges as far as catching these high-leveled species is concerned.

That being said, catching rare Pokemon isn't quite a walk in the park right now either, and with the arrival of rotation things are likely to get a lot harder for "Pokemon Go" players.

This also means that catching Dragonite is likely to get more challenging than now as it has an average spawn rate of 0.0011% which translates to one in every 100,000 Pokemon spawned.

Meanwhile, a Google Maps document where "Pokemon Go" gamers shared major nest locations to help other players map out the specific Pokemon they want have been obtained by Heavy.

The said document is being updated regularly, and despite the fact that there aren't too many updates available at the moment, it is a good way to kickoff your rare Pokemon hunting spree.

A global map of spawn points that cropped up in August nest migrations is cited in Reddit (via Silph Road), while a group of zealous "Pokemon Go" players continue to map out Pokemon nest changes to help other gamers know exactly where to find their favorite Pokemon.

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