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'Pokemon Go' Tips To Track An Array Of Pokemon Including Dragonite, Snorlax And Lapras Without Getting Banned!


Since its debut earlier this year, "Pokemon Go" has taken the mobile gaming realm by storm and its popularity only seems to be spreading as more and more people continue to jump on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon.

Its no secret that the mobile sensation centers on capturing Pokemon, but things are likely to get quite challenging at times, especially while capturing some rare Pokemon. Several "Pokemon Go" tips, trick, cheats and hacks that enable you to capture some coveted monsters in the game are all over the internet.

That being said, prior to using these techniques, gamers should bear in mind that using any sort of cheat or a hack can get you banned as Niantic does not approve of these short cut methods to capture Pokemon.

In a bid to curb cheating, the developer roll out updates from time to time and as a result, capturing Pokemon has become more difficult. Also, the most recently rolled out updates restricts third-party apps from accessing "Pokemon Go" server. Niantic even banned gamers who used third-party apps.

To avoid getting banned, ensure you do not use any web-based program or an app that requires you to log-in with your Pokemon Go password or that seeks authentication to use your "Pokemon Go" account.

While this may seem quite alarming for those unable to capture Pokemon by simply walking around, fret not! Here are a few tips to track some prized Pokemon including Dragonite, Snorlax, Lapras without getting banned.

Slingshot Tracking Method

In order to make it work, players will require to use geometry and 200m radius circles, according to Redditor SooperNoodle.

As soon as a sighting appears on your app, just walk a little rearward to confirm the edge of the circle, and remember to make note of this point. After that walk backwards 20m and walk in a circle around the first point in both directions if you can.

When the sighting pops up on your "Pokemon Go" app again, they will have a couple of points on the edge of the circle and which direction the circle's center is located. Gamers should utilize the two points to draw a perpendicular line to the circle's center.

The creature will be 200 m down that line. Apparently, the method was effective 80% of the time.

Venn Diagram Tracker

Venn diagram tracker can be used to track creatures in the wild, and Redditor evanthebouncy shared tips on how to use it to track down Dragonite while just walking around. Using the web-based program is piece of cake. You need to draw green and red circles.

If a spawned creature is in your sight, draw green circles as you walk, but if the creature disappears, draw red circles. Ultimately, you will be able to identify the location of a Pokemon.

Some gamers recommend using Go Tracker on iOS for same results. Trainer Triangulator Tool and Tracking Tool for Pokemon Go are some of the apps available on Google Play that make use of similar triangulation methods.

Meanwhile, several "Pokemon Go" gamers have reported that their normal Hunting Grounds now hatch an array of creatures. One Reddit user even claimed that his home is now a breeding ground for Ghastlys, Nidorinos and Dratinis, that is quite a solid upgrade from the Rattata and Pidgey duet.

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