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‘Iron Man 4’ Release, Spoilers: Robert Downey Jr. Quits Role? 4 Reasons Why It’s Possible, BUT Money Matters REALLY True?


"Iron Man 4" is rumored to have a new Marvel character, Ironheart. According to reports, Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel failed to agree with the actor's pay, which is why the original Tony Stark is not reprising his role.

Since the "Iron Man 4" movie project is not final yet, there has been no confirmation at the moment if the "Sherlock Holmes" star is indeed, turning down the movie. However, the rumors could be true given that:

  1. Downey Jr. has previously expressed that he is looking forward to having the film, stating that he is interested to do another franchise. This means that if Marvel agrees to the actor's demands, there is likely a chance to see him again in the Iron Man suit in the next "Iron Man 4" for the last time.

  2. "Iron Man 4" rumors are also claiming that Tony Stark will unlikely be part of the Marvel film because the superhero will be killed in "Spider-Man," when he plays the role of the main character's mentor. There are speculations that the death of Stark will give rise to Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, Parent Herald reported.

  3. There are also rumors claiming that the MCU executives are no longer keen doing the fourth instalment of "Iron Man" in spite of the "Iron Man 3's" huge success.

  4. While a lot of Marvel fans are expecting to see Downey Jr. in "Iron Man 4", some are saying that the actor, who is already 51 years old, is not fit for the role anymore. In fact, by the time the movie will be produced, which is three years from now, he will be 54 then.

"Iron Man" fans, nevertheless, believe that Downey Jr.'s age does not matter. According to them, no other actor could play the character of the playboy, billionaire, genius and philanthropist Tony Stark better than him, GameNGuide reported.

Downey Jr.'s net worth is $240 million. He is reportedly asking for a pay hike. Watch the "Iron Man 4" trailer here.

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