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‘Clash of Clans’ September Major Update Features Friendly Challenges, New Practice Mode In Lieu Of Cancelled ClashCon 2016? No Defensive Structures [YET]?


"Clash of Clans" update is reportedly going full speed in its development for game's release this month. As part of the developer's aim to change the popular game's new practice mode, the game changer update is bringing friendly challenges, following a small update in August that gave Healer nerf, balancing changes.

"Clash of Clans'" next major update will also tweak the current cool down timer. The players are likely to expect the heroes in challenges as well. According to reports, the adjustment is made to encourage practical use and subdue the players' frustrations. However, the game changer features that will come with the new update will not have the new defensive structures, NeuroGadget reported.

Meanwhile, Supercell has announced recently that ClashCon 2016 will be cancelled. According to the game developer, while it is a difficult decision to make, they need to have more time and attention on giving more support for the game. The announcement was made through its official blog, explaining the factors that had led to the cancellation of the event.

Supercell stated that the best way for them to extend their gratitude to the loyal fans of the game is to give its utmost time and attention on the things that are more important. With that said, the game developer aims to continuously provide improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience for the "Clash of Clans" players.

However, the developer did not provide additional details regarding the September updates. Nonetheless, the long time players of the game are already expecting that new features will be coming next. In fact, every loyal "Clash of Clans" fan is excited with the likelihood of seeing a big overhaul in the popular MMO strategy mobile game any time this month.

"Clash of Clans" gamers have only less than two weeks to wait for this much anticipated major update, Movie News Guide reported. Meanwhile, watch this "Clash of Clans" commercial video:

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