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'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks: How To Catch Pokemon Effortlessly Using Incense, Lure Module And GPS Spoofer!


"Pokemon Go" encourages gamers to delve into the real world to capture their favorite Pokemon; however, a lot of gamers prefer doing so from the comfort of their homes. These players have come up with a slew of "Pokemon Go" hacks that help them to capture some prized monsters without wandering.

Niantic is not unaware of the situation and have even implemented bans to curb cheating in the game, but it looks like some trainers have resorted to using these short cuts to acquire unlimited items and get their hands on all existing types of Pokemon without moving around, ValueWalk reported.

There are umpteen "Pokemon Go" hacks all over the internet, and the GPS (Global Positioning System) spoofer is one of the most popular among them. Players using this hack, try to convince the GPS of the phone that they are actually moving into different position without even moving an inch. Using this hack, a gamer can subsequently cover more ground and capture Pokemon without breaking a sweat.

No-doubt, these hacks are quite fascinating and it may seem like a good idea to use them, but thanks to the recently rolled out updates for "Pokemon Go" players cannot get away with using these third-party apps to get ahead in the game without getting banned, GameNGuide reported.

Although, Niantic is implementing bans on those found using unethical techniques to level up in the game, there are umpteen methods a gamer can resort to in a bid to catch Pokemon effortlessly, and without even getting banned.

How To Use 'Pokemon Go' Incense

Incense is one of the most useful items when it comes to catching Pokemon without walking.

You can activate and use incense for 30 minutes to attract Pokemon to your current location. The best part about using incense is that you don't need to roam about in search of monsters; instead, they will scramble to get where you are.

You can ask a friend to drive you around the surroundings, while you take the passenger's seat and capture Pokemon as they come. It's important to bear in mind that car's speed shouldn't exceed the GPS speed restriction set by Niantic Labs.

Alternatively, you can drive to the nearest PokeStop and activate a lure module. The lure module works in the same way as incense, except that it can be used exclusively at specific PokeStops. The module also helps everyone who passes by.

There's no lack of "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks available online; however, players are advised to use these techniques bearing in mind that they might get banned by Niantic Labs for using these techniques that the developer do not approve of.

Watch the footage below for more details on "Pokemon Go" tips and tricks.

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