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'No Man's Sky' News and Update: Hell Games Developers Break Silence, Fix Issues[VIDEO]


Amidst all the backlash and controversies surrounding the release of Hello Game's space sandbox title, "No Man's Sky," developers have still managed to finish fixing the remaining issues that have plagued the game since its release, and have started working to future content updates.

Hello Games developers have finally broken their silence and has opted to share with players the details regarding some of their future updates, VG247 reported.

A recent blog post of the game studio states that they are listening to user feedbacks and are developing ways to make players' gaming experience better. A community and support management division has been employed by Hello Games, which main task is to categorize issues and feedack from the gaming community as top priority, especially the community issues that have haunted the "No Man's Sky" launch.

There have been four patches released for both PC and the PS4 versions, while other platform updates are on the way. Developers also reiterated that it's no what they say that is important, what they do, and that's their main focus.

While all of their statement looks sound, according to Digital Spy, Hello Games is managing to drive the attention of users away from certain missing elements in the game, such as the promised 12 quidzillion worlds that can be explored, but kept themselves quiet on the matter, while directing the attention of users to something mundane such as update patches.

DS further continued pointing out that ever since the release date, there was clarity at the fact the No Man's Sky would require a decent amount  of bug fixes, and regular patches was forseable. Also noting to the fact that Hello Games was quick to act with these fixes, and delivered on some expectation with their recent updates. And that while all of these seem to be good news to the users, the patches themselves are vague and have confused players on why the patches have gone live before releasing the patch notes.

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