Apple 'iPhone 7 Plus' News & Updates: Leaked Photo Of Package Reveals How The Headphone Jack Has Changed

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Apple is expected to unveil their new smartphone offering, the highly anticipated, "iPhone 7" at the Special Event keynote on September 7, 2016. And many Apple fans and disappointed about the rumors that the upcoming iPhone will be missing the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack and instead, headphones will now be connected via the "Lightning Port." There has yet to be any other packaging insert leak that shows what come in the box.

In a report by BGR.COM, based from the leaked photo, the tech giant is its larger flagship phone "iPhone 7 Plus." The smaller version of the smartphone would more likely be called "iPhone 7." But what else could be included in the box?

The Apple box text shows that "Lightning Earpods" will be included with every unit of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Ever since the first generation iPod back in 2001, Apple has been known to include 3.5mm earbuds with their devices, so the free inclusion of "Lightning Connector EarPods" comes as no surprise. However, the EarPods will likely still look similar to the headphones that was included in every iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 that was shipped, except for having a different connector.

For those that still want to use their old 3.5mm headphones, a "Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter" will also be included in the box. This is good news to those that are not quite happy with the change in earphone connector end, as Apple has been known to sell its accessories for premium prices, especially converters as these are sold separately, but instead, opted to include the adapter with every box for free.

In terms of accessories that are sold separately, Apple's Bluetooth headphones called, "AirPods" may hit Apple stores coinciding with the iPhone 7's release.. This information is due to Apple filing a trademark that has been revealed in recent months. At the moment, Apple already sells wireless headphones through their acquisition of "Beats," although the brand was autonomous in terms of operation.

Also, according to Forbes, rumors state that the iPhone 7 will have a much more faster A10 processor, with higher battery capacity and a 32GB base storage.

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