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'No Man's Sky' News: 'Angry Joe' Is Too Mad, 'No Man's Sky' Gets 'Honest Game Trailers,' Gamers To Get Refunds?[VIDEO]


After a storm of hype of "No Man's Sky" gamers voiced out their final verdict. Many of them are not happy.

Hello Games, developer of "No Man's Sky" received criticisms from every gamer. As a matter of fact, the newly released game got its "Honest Game Trailers," a Youtube channel that tells you the "Truth" about the video game.

Just like "Honest Trailers," a channel that tells the truth about the favorite movies by the numbers of requests of fans, "Honest Game Trailers" features "No Man's Sky" because many fans asked them to make a trailer for this game. "Honest Game Trailers" starts by pointing what makes Hello Games' new released video game appealing in the first place.

It also noted in the video that the game has "vast, unique open world that can't be fully explored" not because shear size. "Honest Game" inserted their about opinion game in the video, noting that the game is too boring.

Youtube star "Angry Joe" also created a video review about the game. Apparently, he is not happy to what he has experienced.

On a Reddit page, those who bought "No Man's Sky" for PS4 and Steam will get a refund, according to Daily Star UK. One of the common issues of the space survival game is, it was perplexing.

Many players reported that they got their refund. Those gamers who have played the game for more than two hours, which is the cut-off time for Steam, will be given a refund.

Meanwhile, on Neoguf forum, there were players who reported they got a refund, and they even shared links for PS4 refunds. While many players are rejoicing for getting a refund, some online users find it unfair. Hello Games founder, Sean Murray, recently said that their "No Man's Sky" update will include features to the game.

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