'No Man's Sky' News & Update: Valve Not Making Any Changes To Steam Refund Policy [VIDEO]

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It is no secret that Hello Games's latest released game, "No Man's Sky" has not been well-received by gamers, because of missing options and content - some of which was confirmed by Hello Games founder, Sean Murray to be included or at the very least, polished by the date of its launch.

According to PC Gamer, with a lot of unsatisfied owners of the game, many have been asking for refunds. Just over the weekend, there have been claims, particularly one Reddit post that state that Steam was offering to give those that have purchased "No Man's Sky" a refund. This said refund will be given, regardless of how long the game has been played. This post quickly gained traction online and has become one of the most upvoted post on Reddit. Although the information given is technically not a lie, the headline could mislead players.

But in a report by BBC, as Valve's policy states, they will automatically grant refunds to any game for whatever reason, but only if the refund request has been made within fourteen days of purchase, and the game should also have been played for less than 2 hours. Due to the thread about refunds on Reddit, an increasing number of gamers are fed the idea that No Man's Sky is exempted from Valve's two-hour rule, and based their reasons for getting a refunds on technical issues with the port and claims of false advertising, which has been the main gripe of those that were disappointed with the game.

Now, it would seem that there have been several accounts of refunds being given, but this is only because of direct appeals to customer service, and not a case of a wider exemption. This is possibly caused by a thread with more than 5,000 upvotes, multiple online articles and YouTubers. As of the moment, it is however unclear how many refunds were awarded.

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