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'Pokemon Go' Update: New Update Coming Out On September 5 [RUMORS]; Can Stardust Be Used To Power Up Any Pokemon? Find Here!


Its no secret that more and more "Pokemon Go" players are resorting to unethical techniques such as using cheats, tricks and hacks to level up and catch their favorite creature in the game. Niantic is fully aware of the situation and has rolled out updates from time to time in a bid to curb cheating in the game.

Rumors are rife about Niantic working on a new update that is slated to roll out in the first week of September. It is speculated that it may be a major update that will bring an array of awe-inspiring features and enhancements to the game.

The team behind the mobile sensation has rolled out five updates since the game debuted on July 6. Niantic released an update on July 13 to resolve login problems and crashing. The studio then followed it up with a minor update on July 20.

The inbuilt feature for tracking Pokemon dubbed as "Nearby" was not operating correctly, so the company decided to get rid of it through the July 30 update. In addition, this update introduced Pokemon avatar customization support.

Niantic added the Sightings feature alongside support for changing nicknames through the August 8 update. This update also came with a fix for battery saver mode issue.

Most recently, Niantic added the Pokemon Appraisal feature to the game via an update released on August 23.

As it can be observed, Niantic rolls out updates bi-weekly; the rumors hinting an impending major update on September 5 stems from this trend followed by the company, Heavy reported.

Avid fans of the hit augmented-reality mobile game delved into the game's code and came across a slew of features slated to be rolled out soon. Here are some of them:

Revamped Pokemon Tracker

Along with the Sightings feature, Niantic launched a test edition of a new Nearby tracker exclusively to some players. If rumors doing rounds proved to be true, this feature is likely to be rolled out in the alleged September 5 update.

Here's how the purported Nearby feature expected to work:

Trading Pokemon

The game's code discovered by some zealous "Pokemon Go" gamers contains reference such as "Trade_search" and "Trade_offer." This could allude to an option that allow players to search for Pokemon that other players are willing to trade. Basically, the aforesaid feature can be used to list Pokemon for trading.

Special Incense

The next update is said to launch an all-new incense tool that "Pokemon Go" players can use to attract specific type of Pokemon to their location, TheBitBag reported.

Legendary Pokmoen

The reference of "activity_catch_legend_pokemon" found in the game's code alludes to the arrival of Legendary and rare Pokemon.

Buddy Pokemon

Trainers will be able to add a specific Pokemon as buddy with this alleged feature. The Buddy Pokemon will reportedly help the trainer and collect evolving candies.

VR Support

The game's code divulged a folder named VR with reference to Google Cardboard. This is cited as a clear indication that players will soon be able to catch their favorite Pokemon in VR.

How To Power Up Using Stardust

"Pokemon Go" official Twitter account posted a Beginner Tip on Wednesday, August 31, revealing that Stardust can be used to Power Up any Pokemon you have in your collection.

What do you think about the rumored upcoming update to "Pokemon Go"? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates!

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