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'Pokemon Go' Myths And Facts: 8 Most Popular 'Pokemon Go' Tips Debunked!


There are umpteen "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks doing rounds online. While some are genuinely helpful, others are just fiction.

Myth: Hatching An Egg To Get Specific Pokemon

One of the myths centers on hatching an egg to spawn a specific Pokemon. Several charts that list what types of Pokemon hatch from the 2 km, 5 km and 10 km eggs have been doing rounds online for quite some time. According to reports on CNet, these charts are totally ineffective.

Although a "Pokemon Go" player is likely to get a rare Pokemon from a 10 km egg, Niantic affirmed that there have been several reports confirming that people have got rare Pokemon from 2 km eggs as well.

Myth: Water Types Spawn Near Water And Grass Types Are Found In Grassy Areas

According to Niantic Labs, a few wild Pokemon can only be found in specific environments and climates. For instance, some Pokemon may only show up near bodies of water such as lakes and oceans. Since this piece of information comes from the developer, there's more than just a slim chance that it's true. Nevertheless, Niantic specifically says, "some" Pokemon.

Quite a few Pokemon have been reported to spawn in totally random places that have hardly anything to do with their type. For instance, gamers have bumped into Staryu, a water-type Pokemon, in parking lots.

Myth: Gamers Can Catch Legendary Pokemon

If you believed you can get your hands on a Legendary Pokemon using one of the many "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats or hacks, brace yourself!

Niantic has not yet released Legendary Pokemon in the hit augmented-reality mobile game, so despite several reports indicating you can catch one; you just can't, at least for now. Earlier reports indicated that some "Pokemon Go" players managed to get their hands on some Legendary Pokemon, however the developer immediately confirmed that it was a mistake and the Pokemon was taken back.

It's important to bear in mind those third-party apps or hacks that claim to help you capture the coveted legendary Pokemon, can get you banned from the game.

Myth: Getting The Ball Through The Target

Getting the ball through the target is a myth that appears a lot in forums. Some claims indicate that to catch a Pokemon, it is imperative for your ball to go through the colored target ring. While aiming the circle seems fine, you don't need to get your balls inside the hoop to catch a Pokemon.

As per Niantic's recommendation, throw your ball when the target is at its smallest and to fling your ball at the Pokemon, rather than the target. When the target is the smallest, it is futile trying to throw a ball through as the hole is too small for the ball to fit.

Alternatively, you can hold your finger on the Pokemon, wait for the target to shrink, and then flick the ball and aim for the Pokemon's shoulders or rump. This throw glides over the top of the target hoop.

Myth: Getting Your PokeBall Back

As soon as you throw the PokeBall, your ball count drops and it doesn't go back up, no matter how many times you tap the rolling ball.

Myth: Incense Work Only When You Walk Around

While exploring the real world is one of the key aspects of "Pokemon Go," you don't need to leave the comforts of your home for Incense to attract Pokemon. That being said, the myth is somewhat true as incense work better if you move around.

Myth: Capturing Weedle, Pidgey, Caterpie and Rattata Pokemon

If you're gearing up for a battle, Weedle, Pidgey, Caterpie and Rattata are the most inappropriate Pokemon to choose, although, they still come in handy in some situations. You can bump into a Weedle, Pidgey, Caterpie or Rattata Pokemon just about anywhere and catching them is child's play. Catching a lot of Pokemon expedites the process of leveling up. If you wait to capture only "good" Pokemon, leveling up could take forever.

Besides, these Pokemon take only 12 candies to evolve, which means you can do several evolutions and garner massive XP.

Myth: Some Pokemon Only Spawn In Certain Locations

Yes, there are some region-specific Pokemon in the game. Fret not! Apparently, you can still get these Pokemo by hatching eggs. There are several "Pokemon Go" players who claim they hatched region-specific Pokemon from other countries in this Reddit thread.

Although Niantic is tight-lipped regarding this aspect of the game, there are ample reports about players getting region-specific Pokemon from eggs. Watch the video footage below that affirm regional Pokemon hatch from eggs.

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