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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017: NO! Don't Compare With Latest Samsung, Apple Devices; It's Better Experts Say


Microsoft Surface Phone is allegedly the newest flagship device, which Microsoft plans to unveil in the upcoming IFA 2016 in Berlin on Sept. However, the actual release date of the Surface Phone is set to early 2017.

The alleged Microsoft Surface Phone device is expected to come in three variants, one of which is believed to be a monster phone that could not compare to any devices from Samsung and even from Apple, TCC reported.

Recent leaks surfaced revealing that the Microsoft Surface Phone will sport a USB Type-C port with 20MP Carl Zeiss lens. The screen is at 5.7 inches with support for 2K screen display, PC Advisor reported.

The three models of the Microsoft Surface Phone has not been labelled yet. The low range variant is suggested to feature 3GB of RAM with 32GB storage capacity. The mid-range variant, on the other hand, is suggested to feature boosted specs with 6GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 128GB.

The premium variant of the Microsoft Surface Phone will sport the largest amount of RAM at 8GB. Its alleged internal storage has a whooping 500GB capacity. The costing for the premium Surface Phone is suggested to reach around $700.

However, the alleged specs of the Microsoft Surface Phone cannot be verified as of this posting as Microsoft has not released specific details about the device. If the leaks are proven true, then Microsoft will be releasing a monster phone with its premium variant holding an 8GB of RAM with 500GB of storage. This may also cause Microsoft to perform a delicate balance with costings as the parts for such high-end device would come at high costs.

Microsoft Surface Phone can reportedly beat Samsung's most powerful phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which only comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Apple's iPhone 6s, on the other hand, is even farther behind, with a 2GB of RAM and a lesser storage capacity at 16GB. Watch Microsoft Surface Phone leaks here.

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