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BitTorrent Finds Solution To Avoid ISP Meddling With BitTorrent Traffic; India Uses It Now!


BitTorrent transfer loads were reduced in India through the help of Torbox is a fully fledged torrent search engine that has an ability to connect users to local peers in order to maximize download speeds.

BitTorrent users in India found a more customer-friendly solution to avoid ISPs from meddling with BitTorrent traffic that could cause poor experience to some subscribers. "While Torbox is not yet popular around the world, people in India utilize the system to download torrents at speeds that are higher than what their regular internet connection allows", reported.

Torbox works by linking the connection of users to peers in their own local network which means that the user's ISP will not have to pay for traffic outside its own network. The huge amount of data being transferred outside of the ISP's own network usually costs very high. So, some ISPS are trying to avoid high costings by usually throttling with BitTorrent traffic, Torrent Freak reported.

However, with Torbox, ISP traffic is free. This is why most of the ISPs in India are teaming up with Torbox. Moreover, ISPs including Alliance Broadband, Excitel, Syscon Infoway and True Broadband have actually been offering accelerated torrents for a while now. Some of them own custom caching setups but most are now partnered with Torbox which may cause a faster BitTorrent experience for other users.

Reports claimed that BitTorrent users are generally not very happy with how the system works. In BitTorrent, many users usually place a heavy load on the network which in turn reduce the performance experienced by other subscribers. Fortunately, ISPs in India are now utilizing Torbox so users will no longer experience slow downloads caused by heavy network traffic, Entrepreneur reported.

BitTorrent is a widely used torrenting site so heavy network traffic is expected. However, with Torbox, the downloader's IP address determines who their ISP is and directs them to torrents with peers on the same network. This facilitates downloads while getting rid of traffic outside the ISP's own network.

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