Build Your Own University With Coursera For Business

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It is now possible for companies to create their own "university." This is made possible by Coursera for Business.

Coursera is a for-profit educational tech company that focuses on providing online and open courses. Now, Coursera is promoting a new initiative that allows businesses to use their platform for continuing education. The Next Web calls it "Coursera for Business."

Currently, Coursera has over 1,300 courses. It holds over a hundred specializations - 150 to be exact. Through its success, the educational technology company has already partnered with BNY Mellon, L'Oreal, Boston Consulting Group and Axis Bank. These companies allow their employees to learn skills and specializations remotely. And its these companies that can also choose what particular disciplines they want their employees to learn and make it available for them.

It is a great way to continue education, advance skills and nurture talents for professionals and specialized workers.

Laurent Reich, L'Oreal's Governance and Digital Learning Director believes in this initiative. L'Oreal employees are being enabled to learn. The cosmetics company has opened this very platform to all of its employees. It provides them an opportunity to learn about whats in the corporate office setting or in the factories where operations stand.

"In order to achieve that, we aim for 50% of an employee's development time to happen through digital or self-directed learning," says Reich.

It starts with a single course and it advances to further courses depending on the scope. These employees then earn an accredited degree or specialization. To make it official, these courses are also co-branded by a university that supports that particular scope.

The Coursera for Business initiative allows high quality programs to be available for employees to grab that learning experience they need for their own personal development. Coursera and the companies can also track the development of their employees through the platform. It is a great way to earn a specific certification that is focused on growth in one's current career or company.

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