Stephen King Was An English Teacher: Imagine The ‘Horror’?


When a former student of his was asked - what it was like to have the renowned Stephen King as a high school English teacher? He says he was a great teacher and showed interest in helping students improve themselves.

The American author is known for his horror and supernatural fiction books. According to Ranker, he was also a columnist, television producer and actor. But in his early days, he attended Durham Elementary School. In high school, he graduated from Lisbon Falls High School. During that time, he already has shown interest in horror. He read Tales from the Crypt and more.

While in school he already started writing. In 1966, he enrolled at the University of Maine. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English. To pay for his tuition in college, he worked as a janitor, a gas pump attendant and a worker at an industrial laundry place. When he graduated from the university, King earned a license to teach. That certificate enables him to teach in high school. However, he could not find a teaching job right away.

In order to pay for his bills, he lived by selling short stories to men's magazines like the cavalier. In the fall of 1971, he got a job as a teacher at Hampden Academy in Maine. But he didn't stop writing. He continued to write even after his teaching job.

He taught particularly grammar. During one particular interview, he shared about the nuts and bolts of teaching. He geeks out on grammar details and he is deeply interested in encouraging "a love of language in all of our students."

Do you imagine Stephen King as your own English teacher? How fun would that be if the popular thriller writer scored your own short story?

Want some writing tips from the author himself? Check this video of Stephen King, dishing out his secrets, below:

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