Wolverine Star Hugh Jackman Was A Teacher, Find Out His Specialty


Everyone knows Hugh Jackman for his recent role in the X-Men franchise as Wolverine. With a body built like that and his hard-working attitude, it is not impossible to imagine that he was a teacher before he got famous.

But he wasn't a classroom teacher. According to Ranker, he taught gym. This physical education teacher. At one point, a reporter approached Jackman. He apparently was a former student.

Jackman taught at England's Uppingham school. He taught kids how to climb ropes and get fit. His role in X-Men as a teacher at Xavier's School of the Gifted is not far off from the real world, then.

Jackman, excited to know that he was his student, says "Rollo, I'm sorry mate," Jackman interjected, "but we go way back, I used to teach you at a high school in P.E., and I want to know how your physical education is progressing. It's very important to me."

He even remembered that he refused to jump in the pool when Coach Jackman asked him to. When Jackman became famous, not many of his students recognized him on screen. "You just don't make the correlation that your teacher is now a movie star," says the reporter.

His main education background involved performing arts and theater. He enrolled at Pymble Public School and then attended Knox Grammar School in Sydney. He worked at Uppingham School in England for a gap year. That's when he taught gym. Afterwards, he decided to focus his efforts in getting a degree in Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney. And just to make up for additional credits, he took up a drama course. That's when he learned that he loved to act.

Now, he does Broadway, drama and action movies. He is also an endorser for several brands. But he never forgot his time as a teacher.

Check out the video below to see that awkward moment between Jackman and his student interviewing him:

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