Sting 2016: Remember That Time He Was A Teacher?


Actresses and actors sometimes take in odd jobs in order to support themselves. While they are busy hunting for roles and breaks to get them into the industry. Musicians do the same too. But for some, they take in one of the most humblest of professions.

Before he took the stage and become a rock star, Sting was an English teacher and soccer coach. This Wallsend, United Kingdom local, according to Ranker, is known as a song writer, actor and record producer, now.

His personal history shows that he taught for two years at St. Paul's in Cramlington, England. He was known as Mr. Sumner. His real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. In 2010, he calls his job as "One of the most important jobs in the planet." He knows that teaching is an important job and teaching children is essential. He goes on to say that the entire future depends on kids being educated.

The Police bassist had his fair share of popularity in the late 90s before he launched his solo music career. Did the kids he teach ever knew that he was going to be a famous musician and singer one day? Probably not.

One of the things he was adamant about was raising teachers' salaries. It was his way to express that in order to attract talented educators, teachers should be well cared of. He should know, being an English teacher himself.

He is not a stranger to hard work. He delivered milk at a young age and at the same time honed his talent with the Spanish Guitar. He attended St. Cuthbert's Grammar School and then enrolled in Northern Counties College of Education. There he majored in Education which qualified him as a teacher.

How did Mr. Sumner transition to Sting? He had the habit of wearing a black and yellow sweater with hooped stripes. He looked like a bee. Everyone called him Sting.

Relive some of Sting's musical moments through one of his music videos below:

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