Casual Vacancy Author J.K. Rowling Was A Teacher In Portugal Before Harry Potter Happened


Here is another tidbit that you should know about J.K. Rowling. Before you knew her as the famous author who wrote all the Harry Potter books, you should know that she was a teacher.

Like most of people, she did what she needed to do in order to buy her bread and butter. According to Ranker, she worked as an English Teacher in Portugal. She was teaching English at a language institute. If she didn't do that stunt, she would have never written the Harry Potter series. Because it was during that time that she started writing the novels.

She moved to Oporto, Portugal where she taught English as a second language. In her time at Portugal, she married a journalist and had a daughter. Afterwards she moved to Scotland and she went off to the world to become one of the most famous authors in children's books and literature.

In addition to her being a teacher, Rowling has earned honorary doctorates from two separate continents. In the last fifteen years alone, J.K Rowling has garnered seven honorary doctorates from the following universities.

Rowling's life is considered to be a "rags to riches" kind of story. She jumped from living on state benefits to becoming a millionaire in just five years. Her current net worth now is around $1 billion. With her success, she became one of the most influential women in Britain. Her higher education started with Wyedean School and College. From there she found her love of books and imagination.

If it wasn't her journey as a teacher, she would not have made that train ride. And Harry Potter would not have entered her thoughts. Despite her current fortune, she has no desire to stop working as she believes it sets a good example to her children - she now has another son and daughter with second husband, anaesthetist Neil Murray.

Watch the video of J.K Rowling below as she talks about one of her latest books, Casual Vacancy:

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