Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am Remakes ‘Where’s The Love’ For Education

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Ever heard of the song "Where's the Love?" by the Black Eyed Peas? It was a hit single back in 2001. Now, one of the band's artists - Will.I.Am - wants to revisit that song for one single purpose. He wants to talk about investing in education.

When "Where's the Love" was created in 2001, Will.I.Am explains, the song was created to direct towards the current situation when the song came out. Now, he wants to focus on the lack of education.

The lack of investing in a kid's education is his purpose for the song's remake. He explains to ATTN that he came from a community (Boyle Heights, Los Angeles) that needed it. He details that if he was not lucky to attend Brentwood Science Magnet School, he knew he would be stuck in the projects. "Poor is poor in the hood."

He knows that education is wealth. He adds that the neighborhood he came from still holds messed up schools. He compares it to today's Brentwood which is "still awesome."

What does the hit single "Where's the Love?" have to do with it? Will.I.Am says that every single dime that comes from the new song version will go to his project. The project will build more centers like the one in Boyle Heights. He wants to take after-school programs like STEM across the United States. In addition, he wants to bring College Track programs and avoid debt. "I want kids to graduate college with the ability to create companies and new jobs," explains the artist.

He wants to use the power of music to bring this cause into light. He aims to put money towards education. And in doing so, education becomes important.

He ends the interview with ATTN by saying that it is an investment. "Right now, America leads with prisons" while "China leads in knowledge," says the singer.

He ends by saying that if you're asking why education is important, then there is something wrong.

Remember the song "Where's the Love?" through the music video below:

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