'Pokemon Go' Catch Chance: Here's How To Increase The Likelihood Of Capturing Dratini, Pidgey, Weedle And Other Rare Pokemon!

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Rumor mills have been swirling all sort of speculations around "Pokemon Go" lately, hinting that the mobile sensation is losing its luster, and several charts surfaced online showing that the game is already in decline. In the midst of these negative reports doing rounds, avid gamers are still going berserk over catching their favorite Pokemon. In fact, if you gamers who haven't hopped aboard the Poke craze yet are missing out.

A slew of "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks have been surfacing online to help gamers catch a few rare and some not-so-rare Pokemon without breaking a sweat.

Although, Niantic Labs does not approve of these techniques and have even started implementing bans on players who opt for these methods; a new calculator that help gamers figure out their chances of catching Pokemon such as Dratini, Pidgey, and Weedle has made an appearance.

How Does The Pokemon Go Catch Chance Calculator Work?

The aforesaid calculator is put together by Poke Assistant and is dubbed as Pokemon Go Catch Chance Calculator. The calculator helps gamers determine their best chance of capturing a specific Pokemon. Here's how to use it:

  •  First off, enter the type of Pokemon you're trying to capture.
  •  Select the type of PokeBall you're going to use i.e. a regular Poke Ball, a Great Ball or an Ultra Ball.
  •  Adjust the size and color bars to get a visual portrayal of the best possible time to throw your PokeBall, and exactly how good a chance you have of successfully capturing the Pokemon, Heavy reported.

The ring color indicates the CP (Combat Power) of the Pokemon and how tough a catch a player is dealing with. The red ring indicates the toughest to catch creature, the green ring, on the other hand, indicate the easiest to catch creature.

Moreover, how tiny is the ring at the time of throwing the ball also influence things. Players should refrain from throwing the ball when the ring is very big as this indicates a smaller chance of victory; instead, players should throw the ball when the ring is very small as this boosts the chances.

The rings signify what level the creature is, with higher CP Pokemon being more difficult to catch. The best time to throw the PokeBall is when the ring is as near to the Pokemon as Possible, Yibada reported.

For instance, if you're throwing a regular PokeBall when the ring is about halfway closed, you have 61% chance of catching the Dratini.

With the help of this tool, players can determine how difficult it can be to capture some high-leveled rare creatures. For instance, with Snorlax, if you come across a Level 30, throwing the PokeBall when the ring is as tiny as possible, gives you a 20% chance of success.

A player's chances are comparatively good if he/she uses an UltraBall; however, even with that, the highest percentage attainable is a 37% chance of success.

In other news, Niantic Labs announced in a blog post that it is reversing several account bans the studio accidentally implemented over the past few days.

According to John Hanke, CEO of the company they began implementing bans based on whether a player used tools to bypass the "Pokemon Go" servers and broke the company's terms of service.

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